The Little Zaca 50
Design: Olivier F. van Meer Design, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Hull shape: Round bilged, spoon bow with heart mirror with tumble home
Material: Aluminium

Hull length: 14.95 m
Length overall: 17.16 m
Length on waterline: 10.25 m
Beam overall: 5.16 m
Draft with centreboard raised: 1.55 m
Draft with centreboard lowered: 3.63 m
Mast height above water: 22.00 m
Sail area: 155.00 m2

Technical specifications
Displacement: approx. 22.00 m3
Ballast: 6 tons internal ballast and 2 tons in centreboard
Fuel tank: 900 l
Water tank: 900 l
Waste water tank capacity: 423 l
Engine: Deutz DTA 43, 128 hp 2650 rpm