Falling in love is always an exciting moment...

The Puffin is here to help you rekindle the flames and arouse the passions in your life. The outstanding craftsmanship of Dutch Yacht Buildres combined with the magical inspiration of her designer Oliver F. Van Meer have resulted in a vessel unique in the world of sailing.

 Although an entirely new class, the Puffin can best be likened to a Bermuda cutter. The Puffin's remarkable speed and reliable seaworthiness please the most demanding yachtsman. Her flowing lines, perfect blend of elegance and simplicity and ease of handling reflect the long at sea experience of her designer.

Puffins are available in lengths from 27' up to  61', constructed in either steel or aluminum. The hull design is available in both an S- shaped long keel design or with a retractable centerboard. Production is exclusively in the hands of Dutch Yacht Builders of Enkhuizen, Holland.  This state of the art facility is able to provide all of the skills necessary for the construction of your individual Puffin.

Contact Information

Exclusive US agent: The Black Mate Company. Call, Email or Fax us for a complete brochure on the Puffin, Little Zaca and Admiralclass yachts.

Mobile: 603.799.6120
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19 Ross Road, Durham NH 03824
Electronic mail
Sales and general information: Jeffrey Wills

see www.puffin.nl for european agent

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